“I was using DAW’s before I knew my times tables”

cbchair1Lunacci, is a British musician, composer, and producer. Currently a music undergraduate, he is carrying out explorative research and experimentation in music performance and composition.

Growing up in the outskirts of Birmingham, he was using DAW’s at 6 years old before he knew his times tables; skills which were refined through the study of piano, and later both guitar and drums. He released several amateur albums to his co-students over the following years in school, overlaying self-recorded vocals and instruments with VST synthesizers, each time increasing his deconstruction and alteration of samples. Although his lyrical themes were based around the isolation and lack of self worth felt during his teenage years, his music also reflected a rebellious and playful side, which is particularly prominent with his comedic sampling of mental mathematic test tapes.

Whilst studying music technology at college, he became very interested in the emerging technology of Internet radio and decided to setup a station of his own. Musicians were brought in to perform from all across the city, and interviews were held with some top artists, including Ed Sheeran and We Are Scientists. Attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world CBM Radio was a deemed a highly successful project.

In his spare time he had also been performing his own acoustic guitar compositions weekly at gigs, and had started hosting live music events of his own. It was around this same time period that he began performing as a drummer alongside composer Dominic Mason in the indie band ‘Chaos Parade’. After graduating college he felt burnt-out; the toils of youth combined with the pressures of all of his interests had left him depleted, and he abandoned most of his projects, turning his back on music almost entirely. He decided to take a break from learning and focus on self-exploration. He wanted to dig deeper into his sense of identity, to try and uncover his own set of values and aspirations, and work out where his passions really lay.

After hiding away for a few years, he re-emerged under the new alias; Lunacci. This acoustic act combined the electronic elements of effects processing, synthesizers, and sampling, to create a genre mix of folk, minimalism, and electronica. At the start of 2016 he released his debut EP ‘Ambitions’ and appeared at open mic nights and gigs all around the UK, including supporting his previous band ‘Chaos Parade’ (then renamed ‘Poets’), before setting off on several months of travel around the world. His more recent work demonstrates an ever-deepening indulgence into using the studio as a compositional tool, mixing in with folk themes and motifs.

Lately, he has been working as a guitarist in ensemble with Adrian Utley (Portishead). He recently composed the score for the road-trip episode of ‘Nature Watch’, and made appearances on local FM radio. After spending the summer performing at various events including ParkLive and Falmouth Week, and headlining at local venues, Lunacci is currently in the studios working on the release of a new album for 2018.

He was recently selected by Falmouth University to co-compose the soundtrack for their new promotional video representing all music courses, and has written work to be performed by their guitar ensemble of roughly 30 guitarists.